bulletGain relief from pain
bulletPerform all your favorite sports with ease and confidence.
bulletAvoid carpal tunnel syndrome
bulletRegain your balance, natural grace and poise.
bulletEnjoy the vitality & mental clarity your body is meant to have.

Janis Sharkey
Institute for the Alexander Technique
15 Parkway, 3rd Fl.
Katonah, NY 10536
(914) 232 - 8950
email: sharkey@bestweb.net
First lesson $10 (914)232 - 8950

The First Lesson

Learning How to Walk
In your first Alexander Technique lesson you will be guided through simple movements of walking, sitting, standing and lying down. Each movement is broken down to its essence--stripping away undue tensions and misconceptions. Difficult areas (places where old injuries or habits prevent fluid movement) are revealed and replaced by conscious, directed movement. Where once you moved in a tense and protected way, now you move fluidly and gracefully. This fluidity, in turn, engenders subtle differences in the way you think and perceive your environment. Once you can depend on your balance and coordination you will be more willing to do more, go further and be more bold in your movements. Secure in your own strength and balance, participation in activities and favorite sports becomes a pleasure. The success of this process only depends on your willingness to try it out and apply it to everything you do everyday.

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