bulletGain relief from pain
bulletPerform all your favorite sports with ease and confidence.
bulletAvoid carpal tunnel syndrome
bulletRegain your balance, natural grace and poise.
bulletEnjoy the vitality & mental clarity your body is meant to have.

Janis Sharkey
Institute for the Alexander Technique
15 Parkway, 3rd Fl.
Katonah, NY 10536
(914) 232 - 8950
email: sharkey@bestweb.net

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First lesson $10 (914)232 - 8950
teaching the body to relax The demands of modern life have fostered a virtual epidemic of neck, back and other problems related to misaligned posture and improperly tensed muscles. The Alexander Technique teaches you how to adjust your body posture to relieve damaging stresses.
"I recommend the Alexander treatment as an extremely sophisticated form of rehabilitation of the entire muscular equipment, and through that, of many other organs."

- Nicolaas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize Winner for Physiology or Medicine
The Technique is finding an ever-widening role among people with chronic pain and tension, many of whom have failed to get permanent relief from conventional health professionals. (See In Touch: Method helps find balance, cuts stress.) While not viewed as a therapy, the Technique has nonetheless proved helpful for countless people, most of whom seek help only after they are in pain or are unable to perform their usual activities.

The Technique has long been used by performing artists--dancers, musicians and actors--to counter occupational tightness and injuries and to produce more fluid performances.
We misuse ourselves according to our misunderstanding of the human body.
Right now, perhaps you accept discomfort as part of life. You think pain and stiffness are a “natural" part of aging. Janis will teach you to recognize the ways you tense and contract your body, creating overall tightness in your limbs and spine. As your skill matures, you gradually release the tension. The result is the emergence of free and flexible use of your body.

What you learn from the Alexander Technique is how little effort is truly required for motion.
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